Compliance is a vital element in the maintenance of electrical systems. Phase is able to guide clients through the sometimes complex requirements of compliance.

What is compliance and why is it so important?

Without wishing to cause undue concern to you, our clients or our potential clients, we feel it’s important as a responsible company to draw your attention to the critical area of compliance and testing of electrical systems.

It is a common misconception that if equipment is working it must be safe to use. However it is possible that appliances or the installations they are connected to, can continue working despite being in an unsafe condition.

In our experience, and with commercial necessities always present, companies can sometimes ignore the need for planned maintenance until the consequences of this neglect result in a breakdown, accident or fire.

Apart from the benefits of ensuring all systems and equipment are working properly, it is a legal requirement that persons charged with the responsibility (the ‘Duty Holder’) ensure that installations and any plant or equipment are maintained and safe to use. It is also a requirement for insurance policies and fire certification to comply with statutory requirements and relevant Bristish Standards.

As many as 25% of all building fires are caused by faulty electrical equipment or installations, so in the event of fire, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), your insurance company and the Fire Service will question the condition of electrical appliances and systems.

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to electrical safety the defendant is guilty until proven innocent and it is obligatory for businesses to prove that they have taken all reasonable practical steps in compliance with the regulations.

Supporting documented proof of compliance is therefore vital. You cannot be insured against non-compliance with statutory regulations.

If you would like advice on a specific inspection or advice on compliance we can discuss your needs with you. Call us on 01732 300340 or email Andy Boakes: and we can arrange to come and visit your site. This initial meeting does not incur any costs and will give you an indication of exactly what services you may need.

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